Study Group

A.A.R.M Study Group 2023

The Adult Attachment Repair Model (AARM) Study Group

Lead by Peter Cummings, LCSW, AARM Originator

February, March, April and May, 2023-Eight Two-hour Groups


The AARM’s Twice Monthly Study Groups-Intended for two distinct learning experiences:

  1. Students trained in the AARM as case presenters
  2. Interested untrained practitioners


The first study group is on February 6th, 2023, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM

2/6/23 first week and 2/27/23 fourth week 4-6 PM PST

3/16/23 first week and 3/27/23 fourth week 4-6 PM PST

4/3/23 first week and 4/24/23 third week 4-6 PM PST

5/1/23 first week and 5/22 third week 4-6 PM PST



Students trained in the AARM-The cost for all this group for 8 two-hour study groups is $160.00 paid before the first meeting. Participants who have been trained will present cases.

You can pay by Venmo (@Peter-Cummings-21), or

Check to: Peter Cummings, LCSW

                  4452 Park Blvd

                  Suite 304

                  San Diego, CA  92116-4049


Practitioners who want to train in the AARM using the Study Group format

 In large part, due to the enlivened spirit from our last six-month weekly cohort, there have been hearty inquiries from several of the students asking about the possibility to establish a study group. I did not know where the proverbial chips would fall after the six-monthtraining. I decided to sit back and let life unfold however it wanted to.

 This will be a new format for imparting the theory and practice aspects of the AARM, that of a AARM Study Group. This format promises to be a sustainable effort for the near future as I become increasingly retired. There are enough of you who are approaching competencies that could carry the training effort beyond my allotted time on this earth, especially with additional input from the study groups.

 Toward this end, I have several people who have been most emphatic about wanting the AARM training experience. One of the ways this could be realized as our students grow into teachers is an auditing program. In this auditing program, untrained practitioners will audit the study groups, complete reading assignments, and attend a total of six in person hours of training. The cost for this auditing program is $600.00. When and if a new six-month training program is offered, the $600.00 registration fee for the study group can be applied to future trainings. There is no guarantee that a formal six-month training program will ever materialize unless the student body assumes a good share of the responsibilities. It then becomes possible to string several eight-week study group series together to realize the goal of adequate training. If you are interested in auditing the taining, then please text me at 619-993-3692.



Within the case consultations there will be suggested readings. The reading for the first study groups consists of the two final chapters in Schore’s book, Right Brain Psychotherapy. The last three chapters, two of which are interviews with Schore constitutes the reading assignment.