Hi.  I’m Peter Cummings, the originator of the Adult Attachment Repair Model.

I have devoted the last 25 of my 45 years of practice as an LCSW to a full-time practice experimenting exclusively with various neural modulating approaches. Through the use of neuro-modulating methods, I have devised a systematic approach to resolve attachment trauma. 

Attachment Trauma is not caused by a single event. It’s developmental and cumulative in nature and part of what I discovered has to do with how attachment trauma impacts your most difficult clients’ lives and how their existential suffering can be healed using The Adult Attachment Repair Model that other models cannot.

In this special FREE video course, created specifically for practitioners interested in becoming healing attachment trauma experts, you’ll learn:

In this special FREE video course, I’ve created just for healers, you’ll learn:

  • Ten signs of existential anguish that will help you to identify an attachment trauma
  • Why trying to identify a client’s attachment style compromises the healing process
  • The four cornerstones of secure attachment
  • Why psychoanalyzing a client’s negative beliefs and attachment style bears little fruit

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