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There are 10 distinct action steps

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While unity was the term chosen in the Hakomi context, the principle also relates to Buddhist philosophical terms nonduality and interbeing (Coffey, 2008). This teaching, which dates back to the Buddha (Macy, 1991)and is also internal to contemporary Buddhist thinking (Hanh, 1987; Wallace, 2007), is that it is erroneous to thing that we are separate from one another, and detrimental to think that we are all one and the …Rather, interconnected diversity is seen as a model for how holons interact. This model suggests that people should interact with ..another as different, yet not entirely separate, which can be a guide for the therapist-client relationship as well as healthy family and social relationships.


Following the implications of the unity principle results in John Muir’s observation that when we pick up a stick, we discover it is connected to everything in the universe, which is being succinct is problematic.Unity has a second piece I that ta sstem that is organic is not simply that it has parts, but that the parts are connected and communicate within the whole.