About Peter 

peter is currently accepting invitations to present the aarm at events

Peter Cummings, LCSW

Peter is the originator of the Adult Attachment Repair Model (AARM), a comprehensive approach to treating complex trauma. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 40 years as a mental health professional, Peter’s professional passion and his excitement is reflected in this later career contribution to the field in the form of the AARM.

Peter has presented the AARM at international conferences and has been training therapists since 2005. Peter has devoted the last 25 of his 45 years of practice to a full-time practice experimenting exclusively with various neural modulating approaches. His efforts have culminated into a comprehensive model for emotional healing and even self-actualization.

Through the use of neuro-moduling methods, derived from the Neuroscience of Social and Personal Interaction (Johnson, 2001), he has devised a systematic approach to resolve attachment trauma, the specific form of developmental disappointments that infects all subsequent life experiences.

Before dedicating full-time to clinical practice, Peter’s following accomplishments lend to his broad scope of knowledge about emotional trauma and healing:

  • Special recognition by the Office for Research Communications, National Institute on Drug Abuse for designing and implementing a model EAP as profiled inthe governments publication, Strategic Planning for Workplace Drug Abuse Programs,

  • Designed and established two internal governmental Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

  • Established himself as a content expert and organizational consultant in avoiding workplace violence.

  • Conducted over 400 critical incident stress debriefings (CISD). During this time he worked with emergency personnel; i.e., fire fighters, police, paramedics and banks.

  • Peter’s workplace specialty also includes organizational development as a consultant to private and public organizations on handling difficult employees, disability management under the ADA, violence reduction measures, and managing gender reassigned employees.